I will teach this in my Ragtime and Blues Lesson Load https://www.daddystovepipe.com/ragtime-and-blues.php
Pete Berryman recorded this on the LP “Sky In My Pie”, an LP he shows John James (most pieces are duets). It finally has been reissued on cd, together with three other John James’ LP’s; so you get four LP’s on a 2 cd-set for only ₤ 9.99 Get it here (absolutely advised) https://www.bgo-records.com/product/bgocd1301-morning-brings-the-light-john-james-sky-in-my-pie-with-pete-berryman-head-in-the-clouds/
I just play 2 parts of this rag; the easy parts I must admit. Pete Berryman really goes to town on this one.
Standard tuning, capo II.
I’m playing a Greven maple FX guitar.