The excellent old whammy bar – a favorite of guitar legends from Hendrix to Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck and Eddie Van Halen – is an excellent tool to master. In this brief electric guitar tutorial, visiting guitar player and Elixir Strings artist Expense Worrell demos 3 essential whammy bar tricks to get you started! Learn some amazing tremolo tips to add Satriani-style flavor to your playing, with examples from Expense’s own tunes ‘The Wah Tune’ and ‘A Method Back Home’.

Whether you describe it as a whammy bar, tremolo arm or (more precisely!) a vibrato arm, there’s a lot of enjoyable to be had from an electrical guitar’s moving bridge system. From mild chord wobbles to shrieking divebombs, the interest and expression it can contribute to your guitar parts is substantial.

Costs plays Elixir Strings for their fantastic feel, long life and tuning stability.

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