The guitar is an instrument that everybody desires to find out, but it’s hard! It takes a lot of practice and discipline. But what if there was a method to make sure you’re practicing the ideal things?

In this video, we’ll explore the science behind how our brains work, and show you some mindsets to assist guarantee you’re making development on your guitar journey– even when you’ve had enough of plucking those strings for the day!

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I wish to provide a substantial shoutout to the creatives and scientists that helped make this video possible. Below is a list of resources I sighted in this video.

BJ Fogg TedX:
Tom Bilyeu Impact Theory:
Rich Roll Podcast:
Performance Game (Purposeful Practice):
Productivity Game (Favorable Thinking):

Once again, a huge thank you to @James Clear, @Dr. BJ Fogg, @WOOP, @Tom Bilyeu, @Rich Roll, and @Productivity Game. Without the work from these researchers and creatives, I may have never been able to apply behavior science to my guitar journey!

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00:00 – Intro
02:44 – Routine Formation (21 Days?).
05:35 – Inspiration is BS.
07:23 – Identity Propels Routine Building.
09:15 – Practice with Purpose.
12:28 – Favorable Believing.
16:47 – TAC Family Story.
21:25 – Featured Comments.
27:58 – Jon Gomm Feature.
31:33 – Acoustic Guitar News.