I desire to speak about acoustic guitar players and their arch-nemesis: barre chords! In this video, I’m revealing you PRECISELY why barre chords deserve the discomfort. Likewise, I’m including a metronome watch, a concert-goer’s essential earplugs, and the legendary Don Ross!

Now, back to barre chords! I have 2 realities and 3 techniques to share about barre chords.

The first fact is that barre chords are moveable. When you learn one barre chord shape, you have actually discovered 12 other chords that deal with each fret of your guitar.

The 2nd reality is that barre chords are quickly versatile and shiftable. Usually, you just need to move one finger or 2 fingers to change a minor to a major, a significant to a dom7 chord, and so on

. Now that we have those 2 truths, you’re all set for my 3 tricks for playing barre chords.

My very first technique pertains to utilizing your forefinger. Rather of using the pads of your index finger, attempt rolling it so the beyond your finger (the bony part) is making contact with the strings. This is a harder surface that will include much better contact with the strings.

My 2nd technique includes your selecting hand. By putting your elbow on the upper top of the guitar (see the video!) you can develop leverage for your stressing hand to create the barre chord.

My third and last trick is to reduce or condense the chord. If a complete 5 or 6 string barre chord is too much, try reducing the chord! To do this, simply play the top 3 or 4 strings of a chord.


After revealing you my 2 facts and 3 tricks for playing barre chords, I need to confess something …

I was very hesitant of the Soundbrenner Core metronome watch. It seems sort of gimmicky because it’s basically a watch that you wear while playing an instrument. You configure it to a specific BPM, and it will vibrate to that time.

But when I began utilizing it, I was blown away at how effective it was.

The Soundbrenner Core is super-easy to use. With little effort, you can alter the pace, accents, time signature, and even utilize it as a tuner for your guitar!

Perhaps one of the most incredible elements of the Soundbrenner Core is the decibel meter.

Even in my daily guitar practice, I was surprised at how loud my guitars were.

In the comments below, let me understand if you utilize a metronome, and whether you believe a wearable tool like this would help you!


So, after you’ve bought the Soundbrenner Core and you have actually realized that your practice sessions or performances you participate in are TOO LOUD … I have an unique tool simply for you.

The Earos One acoustic filters resemble no other. See, while earplugs tend to muffle the noises around you, Earos brings top quality hearing defense. As a musician, the last thing I desire while listening or playing at a show is bad sound quality. Thankfully, Earos Ones filter the sound without sacrificing quality.

The Earos Ones deal attenuation approximately 25 dB and have a Sound Decrease Ranking (NRR) of 17 dB.


Lastly, I’m including a percussive fingerstyle trendsetter by the name of Don Ross. For an effective and original acoustic guitar gamer, you REQUIRED to examine out Don Ross.

All of his songs are appealing earworms that seem to remain in your head all day. He always seems to include the perfect touch to any set.

To learn more on Don Ross or to acquire his albums, go to https://acousticlife.tv/at130/ to get the show notes!

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