In this video, I’m providing you 5 factors why flight cases are among the finest financial investments you can produce your guitar. They’re crucial to your guitar’s health, and if you don’t believe me, just examine out these 5 reasons.

This episode of Acoustic Tuesday will likewise include Calton Cases, the makers of one of the very best flight cases available on the marketplace. You’ll explore their facilities and get an up-close look at how their cases are made. Finally, we’ll close out the show with an evaluation of Fireside Collective.

I understand traveling might not be possible for you throughout these times, however I expect this to NOT be the new norm … that’s why I’m so fired up to talk about flight cases! But ultimately, we’ll be traveling and thrilled to visit our fellow guitar geeks throughout the world.

Now, let’s get started with the 5 reasons a flight case is such a good financial investment.

Factor # 5: Security

This is the most obvious reason, but it’s possibly among the most significant reasons. For beginners, I want to share some staggering stats … flight cases can endure 1,100 pounds of pressure and can keep your instrument safe from drops of 9 feet or less.

So, this means that not only is your guitar or instrument being secured in the drastic scenarios of air travel or moving, but it’s likewise secured in daily use. That means that if you utilize a flight case, you do not need to fret about the little bumps or bruises or temperature changes you may experience. It’ll be safe and steady in the flight case!

Reason # 4: Pizzaz

Flight cases are highly adjustable. I understand this isn’t everybody’s big issue or top priority, but I think it deserves pointing out. You can match your instrument’s color, your favorite color, or a general aesthetic try to find your music. In any case, you have lots of alternatives!

I likewise love how sticker label starving flight cases are: you can actually reveal off your preferred artists, cities, music shops, etc with a lot of area for stickers on your flight case. Over time, those sticker labels become little badges of honor as you gather them year after year.

Factor # 3: Humidity

I mentioned this briefly in reason # 5, however it really deserves its own classification. The last thing we ever desire to take place to our guitars is for them to dry. Not having a controlled-humidity environment for your guitar can result in a split top, cracked soundboard, sharp fret ends, and an overall rotten sound.

Flight cases are totally sealed from the outdoors environment. In fact, it can preserve a perfect 50% interior humidity amidst modifications of external temperature level from 30 F to 105 F. When left in those environments the relative humidity shifts on 4% daily!

Reason # 2: Weather & Temperature

Think of how many times you’ve gone from the car to a jam with your guitar in a regular soft or hard case. You most likely didn’t believe it harmed your guitar are at all. However chances are, there’s most likely moisture developing because case.

With flight cases, they are totally sealed and water-resistant. Additionally, if you’re going to be traveling or investing at any time outside, having your guitar in a flight case can protect it from temperature changes. It will not insulate it totally from temperature levels, but instead, it will slow down the modification, letting the wood grow familiar with the new temperatures over long periods of time.

Factor # 1: Cost

Now, you may believe I’m insane, however I believe the price for flight cases is really the primary reason they’re a great financial investment. A flight case can range anywhere from $1200 to $1600, which might be the cost of a pretty nice guitar for the majority of folks!

However, let’s state you have a customized guitar or a classic guitar whose value is actually priceless. What takes place when there is irreparable damage to it? How do you recuperate the time, memories, and value of the guitar?

With a flight case, you’re essentially safeguarding it from these circumstances. So, investing the cash upfront may appear crazy, but you’re actually saving yourself from years of suffering or lost worth in your valuable instruments.

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