Perhaps the simplest acoustic blues lick ever?

This MICRO LICK includes just 4 notes and is had fun with just one finger. This is a terrific quick lick to throw into your blues rhythm playing to spice things up a bit.

MICRO LICKS, like this one and the others in this series, are tiny lick fragments that become excellent structure blocks for longer licks. However for the budding finger choosing blues gamer, they work simply fine by themselves. Including only three or four notes, these little guys might be simple however they are yummy.

Remember: ‘easy’ or ‘easy’ doesn’t suggest ‘boring’ and these MICRO LICKS are fantastic examples of that.

Not just is the lick in this video super easy to nail (it’s just 4 notes) however, this lick is incredibly versatile. I’m using this lick as a part of the timeless blues shuffle pattern in E, but you can stick this lick into simply about any groove.

The use of the open strings in this lick truly add some great overtones if you let them sound a bit like I carry out in the video. The other cool feature of a lick like this that uses open strings is that it maximizes your fret hand to move into the next position. That’s one of the finest factors that this lick works so well to color your rhythm playing.

Practice moving in and out of the common blues rhythm shuffle pattern and this lick. If you need help, enjoy the video. I do this several times during the lesson. Likewise, make certain to check out the website for the total lesson:

Another Easy Acoustic Blues Lick in E

Preview for the next lesson: We’ll start linking these MICRO LICKS together to build longer licks. This is where the magic of MICRO LICKS really removes.

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If you are new to fingerstyle blues and wish to get started, have a look at this video:

Fingerstyle Acoustic Blues Introduction

There, I’ll reveal you how to begin playing some sweet finger chose acoustic blues.

Play Hard!

PS – If any of these licks make you believe you’ll never ever have the ability to play them, believe once again! Start with these little MICRO LICKS and keep at it. It takes lots of practice to play even the smallest lick, riff or chord on the guitar. However that’s why we do it, right? For the difficulty and the benefit! So, keep at it!

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