TAB is part of my “Lesson Load Tabs” Volume 1

For those who rather play than sing I made a crucial variation of Canned Heat.
I’m using the standard features of the tune and include a lot of licks and concepts of other bluesmen like Lonnie Johnson, Child Tate and Scrapper Blackwell.

The very first verse is like the intro we’ve seen in the lesson part 1 however I added a bit more bounce.

The second verse, this is where the description begins in this video, is based on the playing behind the singing however I replaced several sections with some alternate chords.
The third verse is based upon a common Lonnie Johnson bass solo; a number of his solo recordings between 1927-32 have such a solo.
The 4th verse uses a few modern ideas like a little boogie.
The fifth verse uses the ascending lick Tommy Johnson utilizes in Big Road Blues; I’m ending with a common Lonnie Johnson endtag.
The fourth and fifth verse are discussed in the next video (Part 4).