Most Brand-new Year’s resolutions make me sick– I absolutely hate them. BUT, I recommend guitar geek New Year’s resolutions.

To start your 2020 strong, I’m offering you some New Year’s resolution ideas associated with the guitar. Every one of these ideas is designed to help you improve at the guitar.

Without additional ado, here’s my list of 10 New Year’s resolutions to improve at guitar …

10 – More Diligent Guitar Care
A simple guitar geek Brand-new Year’s resolution can be taking better care of your guitars.

To find out more about a few of my favorite polish made by the folks at @MusicNomad Devices Care, view this video:

9 – Record Your Guitar Playing
For a bolder New Year’s resolution, you can set an objective to tape yourself playing guitar. When you tape yourself playing, you really permit yourself to end up being a better guitar player– here’s how …

It plays into among my pillars of guitar practice: Reflect and Assess. By tape-recording yourself, you can see opportunities for growth, while likewise allowing yourself to commemorate small wins. So, for 2020, extremely consider tape-recording your guitar playing as your New Year’s resolution.

For ideas, @Reverb has a great video tutorial on how to tape-record yourself with an acoustic guitar:

8 – See A Live Program –
Even if you don’t choose this as an official New Year’s resolution, seeing a live program has massive influence on your guitar playing.

Not just is it a pleasurable experience you can show good friends or household, however you can also see live performances of your favorite songs from your preferred artists! I had this occur to me when I saw Charlie Parr and @Dead Horses a couple of weeks ago … and they really invited me as much as play!!! (visit to see full video).

7 – Discover Standard Acoustic Guitar Setup –
A great New Year’s resolution for getting much better at guitar is to have the confidence to establish your guitar. @StewMachas fantastic videos on guitar maintenance that you absolutely need to take a look at.

There are a great deal of fantastic resources out there to learn fundamental acoustic guitar setup, but be sure to visit my site to get a full list of options:

6 – Strategy A Guitar Geek Field Trip Or Getaway.
For a New Year’s resolution you can show family and friends, try planning an outing or getaway to a culturally historical or substantial location for guitar geeks.

Whether this implies taking a journey to the Delta Blues Museum or going to a guitar maker in your town, this New Year’s resolution can consist of all your buddies and household. It doesn’t have to.
be extravagant, however make sure you have a good time!

5 – Teach A Guitar Lesson.
Despite where you are on your guitar journey, I desire you to have a look at this video from @victorwooten:

Music is a language, and we are all teachers and students. For your Brand-new Year’s resolution, think about revealing another guitar player a new chord, technique, or more. In fact, Billy Strings absolutely drives this point house, so be sure to inspect out that clip in the video!

4 – Volunteer Your Musical Offerings.
Sharing your music is among the most incredibly powerful things you can share with someone. For your Brand-new Year’s resolution, why not offer your guitar playing to a charity drive, a senior care facility, or a school.

Music can unite all of us, and it is incredibly restorative. To see my complete notes on this, go to

3 – Participate in Or Play An Open Mic –
This can be a big challenge for many guitarist. However, playing or participating in an open mic is an excellent method to meet fellow guitar geeks and discover lots of brand-new techniques.

For your Brand-new Year’s resolution, truly consider participating in an open mic– and if you need motivation, bring a good friend or your spouse along!

2 – Concentrate on A Particular Artist or Method For The Year.
If you are interested or interested by a specific gamer, why not concentrate on their design and learn it as your Brand-new Year’s resolution?

In reality, if you have an interest in the blues at all, I have a * free * 5-day blues difficulty coming up in January. You’ll find out a brand-new 12-bar blues development every day for 5 days, how to infuse licks into rhythm guitar, and so a lot more! Information coming quickly!

1 – Make enjoyable your main goal on the guitar.
Whether you wish to or not, this REQUIRES to be at least one of your Brand-new Year’s resolutions. There’s no reason you should delay enjoyable on the guitar.

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