Chords aren’t just for guitar players – they’re a fantastic addition to a bass player’s tool kit too. Structure your knowledge of chords all over the fingerboard allows you to accompany vocalists, add interest to solos, fill out the noise in a three-piece and more.

In this short bass guitar video tutorial, Elixir Strings artist Samuel G Mpungu (MPNG) shows a cool technique for plucking chords by utilizing a double thumb stroke (down and up) and 2 fingers. Utilizing this approach makes it possible for a vibrant, nearly ‘strummed’ method while keeping a strong attack and fantastic definition between notes.

Sam’s uncommon 5-string tuning (from low E to high C) enables him to check out voicings that really operate in little ensembles – and it’s simple to replicate on 4-string bass too!

He plays Elixir Bass Strings for their fantastic tone and since they permit him to focus more on his music. Examine them out:

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